Monday, March 30, 2015


This is the introduction / first episode of REELATER. REELATER is a digital platform that will document and archive the thoughts and experiences of an independent filmmaker as he navigates his way through the film industry.

Let me start off with a little history if I may, November 2014 we were busy with our first feature film until suddenly one of our lead actors dropped out leaving us with the tough choice to halt all production for the sake of the actors and ourselves we stopped.

After a bit of a slump…okay more than a bit, more like the slump ‘Jerry Stahl’ went through but up and onwards as the adage goes.

So we picked ourselves up and decided to start a new project – ‘Alexia’. With the next few episodes of REELATER I will be going through the process of making a film from start to finish, from concept to distribution.

Episode 1 – CONCEPT!

You must know and understand the idea you have before it becomes a concept and that concept then turned into a story and then that story into a script.

I prefer things being put down on paper, “pen to paper” as they say. There is no backspace button on paper, no delete button and no distracting apps on paper you just write, scribble, write some more and then write a little more and before you know it! A story is beginning to take shape. I find talking it through with writing / producing partners helps a whole lot, it helps the idea gain momentum when I ramble on about it so not sure if you have anyone to ramble to but if not turn on an audio/video recorder and start chatting yourself up sounds silly and somewhat naughty but believe me it’s not however it is helpful when you go back and you listen there might be something there, so talk a lot about the idea but also learn to listen even more. Listen to your advice, to the suggestion of others and even that little voice inside you who screams when something isn’t quite ready and you’ve convinced yourself it is.

So for this week grab a pen, a paper and just start writing.

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