Friday, August 19, 2011

ONE SHOT (cast news)


The blond bombshell Rosamund Pike is looking to snag a juicy role opposite Tom Cruise in his latest picture, One Shot. The Pride & Prejudice and Doom actress is the frontrunner for the role in the big screen adaptation of the Lee Child novel, which will be helmed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Rosmund Pike
Deadline has the scoop, citing that Pike is in a small pool of actresses trying out for the role of Helen Rodin, a defense attorney who is in charge of getting a man off the hook for shooting five victims with a sniper rifle. Cruise comes into play as a wandering nomad and retired military man who discovers that the case itself is not as open and shut as it is appears. The two will share a common goal of uncovering the truth behind the case.

This looks to be the peak of a hot streak for the British beauty, notching such titles as The Big Year, which co-stars Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin;  Wrath of the Titans; and the newest installment of the Rowan Atkinson comedy series, Johnny English Reborn. Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions will be teaming up to deliver One Shot.

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