Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DR. STRANGE (In Development)


Marvel studios are finally in the process of moving forward with Dr. Strange!!!
Conan and Sahara writers Josh Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly have turned in their long-awaited script to Marvel, and it's clearly been judged successful enough to be worth pursuing. The current word is that it's now out to a short-list of directors, one of whom will, obviously enough, "oversee continued development".
Stephen Strange is a key player in the Marvel universe, although he represents the slightly more mysterious magical and supernatural corners rather than the ones that deal with mutant superpowers and military super-armour. A surgeon whose hands were ruined in an accident, he turned to the mystic arts to become the world's Sorcerer Supreme.
We had heard in the past that Marvel was or is (not quite sure if they still will be doing it) planning on attaching short-films to there future projects, in the way Pixar have been doing for a while now. Just that there Short-films will be used to introduce their smaller characters to the mainstream audience. Now we did know that Dr. Stranger was to be made into one of these short-stories but now it certainly looks like Marvel feel that they have strong enough story, to allow this Strange to stand on his own.

"He's one of the best characters we have," Marvel's Kevin Feige said a couple of years back. "He represents this fantastic cosmic universe that hasn't yet seen life on screen, and I think he'd be amazing to play with."

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