Thursday, February 16, 2012



What do you think of Emma Watson as Beauty?? We Like it A lot!!
Still busy on Pacific Rim creating wonderful monsters, Guillermo del Toro added another project to his ever-busy schedule. Del Toro is now set to direct a version of Beauty And The Beast.
The story first popped up last year, and had Emma Watson attached to star at some point. Del Toro was on board to simply produce along side Denise De Novi and Alison Greenspan, but now he’s also considering directing.
While the project was originally envisioned as an adaptation of Robin McKinley’s book Beauty: A Retelling Of The Story Of The Beauty And The Beast, it’s moved on since then and now telly stalwart (and Three Musketeers scriptwriter) Andrew Davies is aboard to shove it further in a new direction.
As to what that is direction exactly is, there’s no word yet. And that’s assuming Beauty (or Beast, which is what Variety is calling it) is even his next movie. He’s got so many on the go, including Trollhunters for DreamWorks Animation, both a Jekyll And Hyde and a Frankenstein take for Universal and a new Haunted Mansion film at Disney. And those are just the ones in active development…

Del Toro is a busy man, but we will update as the film goes along.

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