Monday, February 20, 2012

SKYFALL (Update)


Naomie Harris
Total Film recently spoke with new Bond recruit Naomie Harris about her role in the 23rd film in the superspy series, Skyfall.

She’ll play Eve in the new movie, which arrives 50 years after 007’s first screen outing in Dr No.

While details on Skyfall are being guarded more closely than MI6 secrets, Harris did reveal some information.

On the training she’s been doing in preparation, she told us, “I started off with yoga and running, and I’ve been doing stunt training and gyrotonics three times a week.”

When we asked if Eve was an ally or a baddie, she responded, “My character would like to see herself as a female Bond but I don’t think anyone’s really a match for Bond.”

And has she done many stunts? “I kickbox and do a lot with guns. I started off terrified by the sound of a gun, let alone having any idea of how to hold one but now I really enjoy it.”

Skyfall will release at the end of this year.

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