Friday, February 24, 2012



So the worst most successful franchise ever made is coming to an end… YESS!!!! But, Stephine Meyer is in the process of writing another book that will be more about Edwards Origins, and his side of things of the Twilight story.
Edward Doesn't want to be Edward no more

Summit, the studios behind this awful film, are said to be interested in acquiring the film rights to this new book and pushing it this into a production as soon as they can.

Robert Patterson, the dude who plays Robert Patterson, who often shares his own disdain about the film franchise in an entertaining way. He actually thinks Edward is kind of lame. (He just did the films because he needed cash)

Edward himself has stated that if there is a follow up to Twilight that he will not play Edward again… He already shaved off all his hair, he is finally free of Twilight why would he want to go back??

You don’t believe us here is what he had to say: ”I’d be curious what Stephenie [Meyer] would write,” Rob said Feb. 17 at the Bel Ami photo call during the Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin. “I would think I’d be too old [for a sequel]. I’m already too old. It might be kind of interesting — they might recast me.”

All we saying is that if you love the character you will do it anyways!! Hugh Jackman suppose to be playing a ageless mutant, Wolverine, but we can all see he aint as young as he used to be … (Watch the First X-Men and Wolverine Origins)

Andrew Garfield is 28 and he is playing Spider-Man who suppose to be about 16,17,18 years old.

Brad Pitt played a 80 year old man right down to 20 year old in Benjamin Button.

If Sir Ian McKellen (72) had is way he would of played Magneto at age 25 in the cancelled X-Men Origins: Magneto, film.

All we saying is that if you really love the character you would do the film regardless of the characters age, but Rob, we understand you just want to get away from Twilight, anybody would!!!

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