Tuesday, November 27, 2012

JEREMIAH HARM (In Development)


Well it looks like Finnish filmmaker Timo Vuorensola is at it again. His last project that he done was a little movie called Iron Sky, a movie that was really about Nazi’s on the moon, who were planning an invasion on earth.

The film released earlier this year in numerous territories – although not in South Africa as yet – the film has been deemed a success albeit somewhat. Critics hated it pretty much, and the film managed to $8.1million at the box office, which just about covers its production cost at $7million. However, those people who did watch, well most of them liked it, and it seems that was enough to allow Vuorensola to get started on his next project much quicker then expected.   

With that being said Vuorensola has decided to take on adapting Alan Grant & Keith Giffen's comics character Jeremiah Harm. This will be another sci-fi film although this film will feature a badass bounty hunter named Jeremiah Harm who hunts down aliens.

Twitch has managed to get there hands on some Test footage that you can check out down below. This is purely test footage that was shot in Finland earlier this year, but it won't actually be used in the movie itself.

“Jeremiah - you can call him Jerry, but he'll probably rip your limbs off if you do - is a nasty guy with a bad attitude and a lever-action rifle to back that up. He's a human, but never really went to Earth. Born and raised in several intergalactic orphanaries with a bunch of aliens from all corners of the galaxy, he began a career as a bounty hunter early, scoring his first kill before the age of 15. The bodycount has been steadily rising, and by his mid-30's, he has basically hunted down every imaginable race in the galaxy - but not his own kind. Adapted from Alan Grant & Keith Giffen's comic book series first published in 2006.”

Jeremiah Harm will be launching crowdfunding for the film to get the money it needs to be made and finished. For more info on the feature film or comic books, visit there website at: http://jeremiahharm.com

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