Thursday, November 15, 2012

THE JUDGE (Cast News)


THR is reporting that Warner Bros. and Nicholson will enter into negotiations this week that might land the 75-year-old acting veteran in The Judge.

Jack Nicholson is Robert Downey Jr.
They’re quick to point out that Nicholson has only taken on only four movies in the last decade; two of them (2006’s The Departed and 2007’s The Bucket List) were for Warner Bros. Past projects are no promise of future work either, as Nicholson turned down a chance to reunite with writer/director Nancy Meyers (Something’s Gotta Give) just this summer.

As for Downey Jr., who just wrapped on Iron Man 3, it looks like The Judge is intended to be his next picture.  Downey Jr. will produce with his wife Susan Downey and David Gambino of Team Downey. Dobkin will direct as well as produce with his producing partner Jeff Kleeman. All involved hope they can land Nicholson before Downey Jr.’s schedule closes up within the coming year.

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