Sunday, February 10, 2013

STAR WARS EPISODE 7 (Writers Speak)


IGN recently managed to get an interview with screenwriting duo Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg who are set to consult on Star Wars: Episode VII. The duo have been hard at work penning the potential stand-alone Star Wars films.
Both Kasdan and Kinberg spoke about their involvement with Star Wars: Episode VII as well as the eventual spin-off films.  When asked directly about the next film that will kick-start the new trilogy, Kasdan replied:

“They’re going to be fun. J.J. (Abrams)’s a great director for the first sequel. Perfect. We’re very happy to have him. The writers I’ve been working with – Michael Arndt, who’s going to write the sequel, and Simon Kinberg, who has, like me, been sort of consulting — they’re great. I’ve never really collaborated a lot, and I’ve never been a room with a bunch of writers thinking, “Well, what should this thing be?” It’s fun. It’s really fun. And J.J.’s a writer. Yeah, lovely guy. I’d met him but didn’t know him. But now I’m totally enamored by him. He’s really funny and so enthusiastic.”

JJ Abrams
Although Kasdan did not respond when asked if we would see some familir faces return, he did smile coyly. Kinberg was equally tight-lipped but did at least offer a reason as to why.

“This is what I would say: as a fan, I wouldn’t want to know too much. I know that’s impossible because it’s not the ’70s or ’80s anymore, but part of what was so exciting about A New Hope for me was I was entering into a universe I didn’t know. Even in Empire, I was surprised by a twist I never would have seen coming. But it’s different nowadays. I understand the excitement, and I’m happy that people are interested, obviously. But I’d rather people have something left to discover when they go in.”

There has been a rumour floating around the net that Yoda might be getting his own Stand-Alone film. While this wasn’t confirmed, Frank Oz the voice of Yoda, certainly seems excitied by the prospect to voice Yoda again, whether it be in stand-alone film or potential sequels. Speaking to Hero Complex, Oz talks about the opportunity to voice Yoda again, while dashing fans’ hopes of a return to Yoda as a puppet:

“He’s in my heart. I know Yoda very deeply…The future of Yoda is likely in CGI, as he was rendered in “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith.”  I think it depends on the story, but I think at this point you can’t go back to the puppet.  The reason George [Lucas] did the CGI, which I supported, was that he wanted to tell a story that would have been hampered by the physical limitations of the puppet.”

Star Wars Episode 7 is slotted for 2015 release, but that might be changing, you will have to stay tuned for more.

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