Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Fast & The Furious

The Cast of The Fast and the Furious
When they originally made the Fast and the Furious, they never imagined that, that film would turn into a cult classic, and would dominate the racing genre in the film industry!! So much so, that studios, and producers alike would not dare to even try and make a film about street racing, because of fear that people would just assume that they trying to do another Fast & Furious and just not watch it.

The first film really set the bar, and all the follow ups after that never really lived up to the it. The First film was a breath of fresh air to racing films, and offered a relative balance of drama, and racing. Things that we sure you loved about it was, Dom and his team factor. The Beautiful but manly Michelle Rodiriguez and the ambitious Paul Walker.

Paul Walker (Left) & Tyrese Gibson (Right)
2 Fast 2 Furious was much more light hearted, and looking at the series so far, it was much needed. The Film could of been much better, but it did give us Brian's iconic Skyline and Roman Pierce played by Tyrese.

Han (Tokyo Drift)
Tokyo Drift gave us Drifiting. . .thats it...

Fast & Furious Brought back Brian and Dom back into the series but then gave us so much drama, Killed Letty!!! and then turned Dom into a SuperHero!! We werent to impressed with this film and it actually destroyed our faith in the future of this franchise!!
Fast & Furious

It turns out we werent the only 1's to feel this way. . . fans of the film hammered Vin Diesel (Producer) and the director of the film for this mess and for promising to bring Tyrese back but never because of his schedule conflicts.

The Boys are Back in Town

They then decided to really make a good film, by increasing the Budget, increasing the Stunts, Bringing in THE ROCK. . . and by bringing in other major players of the previous films back!!
To make this easily the best film in the franchise!! Even though they lost the street racing or any type of racing plot, this new criminal on the run plot, is a much needed breath of fresh air to the Franchise!!
Showing why Fast & Furious can be considered as one of the most successful franchises in our day in age, as its able to evolve.
FAST FIVE will be the second last film, one more film will be made in order to bring the curtain down on this wonderful franchise.

Hope you enjoy the trailer!!!

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