Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Liam as Hanibal in A-Team
Taken was a quite a small budget film that wasn’t really expected to do well. But this small budget film was smash hit at the box office thanks to a brilliant performance by Liam Neeson (A-Team), so much so that they planning a sequel film but Liam is wary of reprising his role.

The makeshift action star is more interested in taking time away from the industry than devoting a chunk of time into the project. It certainly seems that you cannot place a price on personal tranquility.

The film itself is currently in the working stages of pre-production, as directors and the like are being sorted out, with Transporter 3 director Olivier Megaton being tapped to helm the project.
Unkown - Liam's New Film
The Latest news we just got is that, "Liam Neeson and Luc Besson have come to a meeting of the minds and they have worked out the scheduling snafu that made him iffy for Taken 2. Neeson's reps at CAA are now closing the deal for Neeson to reprise what has become a signature role. Production is now being eyed for the year end or beginning of 2012. Neeson will stick to his plan to take the rest of the year off, after completing the Clash of the Titans sequel he's shooting in London."

Johnny Whitworth


 Johnny Whitworth spoke a bit about his recent four-month stint filming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in Romania and Turkey, while doing press for his latest film Limitless, and then the actor revealed that he plays Blackout in the movie.

"I play the villian who, at the beginning, up until like page 70, is human," said Whitworth, "I'm not a very nice guy. I'm bad. I get turned into, for those who read 'Ghost Rider', the character Blackout. I get turned into him by the devil to complete my job. That gives me the fortitude to fight Ghost Rider and the supernatural abilities to compete on some level with that guy."

American Pie is set to return to the big screen!! With Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy will reportedly reprise their roles from the original American Pie trilogy.

American Pie became a direct-to-DVD cash cow for Universal after the original trilogy ended with 2003's American Wedding. This new film however, will mark the franchise's return to the big screen.

"Universal are in negotiations with Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari and Jennifer Coolidge. The studio is hoping to bring back most of the original cast."

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