Monday, March 14, 2011


Well we not exactly sure what’s going on with Men In Black 3, as they began filming at the end of last year, took a break that was preplanned, then when it was time to reconvene, they never!
Men In Black 3
The $200 million picture started shooting without a finished script last November. This isn’t an usual thing to do, but after 5 months into production the film still doesn’t have a complete screenplay.

"Sony Pictures started filming Men in Black III with only one act of the script set," explains the trade (source). "The studio built in a break in production that was scheduled to last from late December through mid-February, during which the remainder of the screenplay was supposed to be completed."

But now that break has been extended until the end of March, new scribe David Koepp has come in to work out "complex script issues involving time travel."

Tropic Thunder's Etan Cohen wrote the initial script, but Smith wanted to make changes to it. And the paper also indicates that tension between Sonnenfeld and producer Walter Parkes are further complicating matters. "The real evil here is Walter trying to impose his point of view on things," says another source. "And because he's so facile and he's got great hair, he wins the day a lot. But what sounds great never materializes into a screenplay."

well we will just have to wait and see if the film will make its winter release in 2012,or will the release date get pushed even further back

DOOM (2005 film)
Looks like Universal is planning a 3D feature film reboot of Doom, the 2005 film adaptation that starred Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike.

The reboot is in "the early stages of development" and is looking for a screenwriter. They also claim that "the success of Paramount's G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra piqued their interest even more" in a Doom sequel.

There was talk back in 2008 that another Doom movie would take its inspiration from the forthcoming Doom 4 video game, which is slated for release later this year.

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