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As an avid Harry Potter fan I had high expectations for HP7 part 2 and the writer’s truly and unforgivably fluffed this film up. Those who have read the books will remember that Harry only reveals that he is still alive by casting a shield spell to defend Molly from voldemorts retaliation. The film starts well but ends a dismal mess leaving moviegoers with the resounding taste of bitter disappointment. The book had the flawless script and story and yet the writer’s largely ignored this goldmine that landed in their laps. Overall the film lacked the depth to intrigue the audience and could have been done many times better. Many parts of the book were excluded from the film in favour of parts that had weak or no actual links to the original storyline that JK Rowling built in the novels. There was more action in the film but it lacked the blood pumping intensity portrayed in the books. All in all, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 scores a disappointing 2/10 and leads in the big disappointments of 2011

Simply put the film is magical (pun intended)! It’s an emotional rollercoaster that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Indeed they left the best for last! Not only did it leave me wanting more, but the special effects were so effective it made me feel as if it were all real, my only crit is where the special effects failed, the end part where Harry, Ron etc. 19 years later are adults with kids, they failed to make them look older might I say it was quite pathetic.

Mmmm I would of given it a definite 10 out of 10 rating if they had ended the movie after Harry broke the elder wand and it faded with them looking at the camera on the bridge. But because of the unnecessary end part where they older I would have to give it a ranking of 9. Because of the failure to produce special effects, I think a stupid soapy like passions has better special effects. And besides that, J.K is thinking money wise and how she can fill her pockets, that’s why she probably ended the film like that so that maybe 10 years down the line she can now start a new saga to harry potter involving his son and make even more movies and increase her income since now that the phenomenon has ended she probably won't be making as much. Just like how she admitted to making two parts to deathly hallows just to make more money, it’s the same idea with that ending. I think if Harry had to wake up and find that it was all just a dream would have made a better ending lol

The ending she made was cheesy, how the hell do the all have kids the same time all the same age and all look the same and what they did 19 years before? Epic fail
*And all look the same as they did 19 years before.

You know how people say the book is always better than the movie? With this film, film viewers and book readers really do not have to worry, director David yates who directed the previous 4 harry potter films didn’t hold back from the contents of the book, leaving you captivated weather you have read the book or not. The highlight of the film is definitely the battle of Hogwarts, even though it goes on for quite a while, as you watch it, you really do not want it to end. Everyone is a hero, especially Neville longbottom who wasn’t really the brave kind in the previous films, the director even added cho chang who hasn’t been seen in the previous 2 films returns for the epic battle. Romance between some characters is still intact, even with the battle going on giving us that sweet sense of love that we enjoy. There is even death of some loved characters’ making this film also very sad at some points. So we have a film with serious action, romance, tragedy and most importantly epic magic. What more could you ask for in a harry potter film? I’m even glad to say that there is even broomstick flying, what’s a wizard movie without broomstick flying? Surprisingly director David yates also included the 19 years later scene to the film, with the stars playing their same characters years after the battle, I mean who want to see a 36 year old harry potter still played by Daniel Radcliff but with great makeup and effects not to mention a great director, this scene actually works out and gives us the best send off to the harry potter franchise. This film is most likely to be the most loved within the franchise and definitely going to be a highest grosses in the box office, even though harry potter is the leading franchise in the box office, leaving lord of the rings 2nd and star wars 3rd respectively. This film will definitely leave anyone at the edge of their seats only hoping to see more, we really get more than we bargain for. Movie rating 9 out of 10.

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