Friday, July 22, 2011

UNCHARTERED (Back In Development)


The Uncharted movie has a new director in the person of Limitless' Neil Burger, replacing David O. Russell on the game-to-film adaptation. And now he's talking about his plans for Nathan Drake.

Crave Online spoke to the helmer, who said he hasn't even seen the aborted Russell screenplay for the film.

"Mainly we're beginning from scratch and going back to the videogame," he tells the site. "It's really one of the most cinematic videogames, and one that has really developed characters. So, you know, there's a lot of cool, really intense things that, if they work for the film's story, I want to use them."

                       Nathan Drake                                     Nathan Fillion
Burger also says he isn't worried about comparisons between Uncharted other "treasure hunting" franchises like Indiana Jones.

"[Indy] kind of plays on ... nostalgia," he says. "Whereas Uncharted is very much up to the minute, of the moment. It's very 'now' and contemporary and it has this sort of rough and very intense feel that a movie like The Bourne Identity has. It's really up to date in its own way. The Bourne Identity isn't your father's Cold War movie and this is a very different kind of treasure hunt movie. It's very real and it has kind of an insane, wild feeling that comes out of the character; Nate being this con man and a bit of a hustler, living by his wits, ballsy and capable of anything."
Fans are calling for Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake in the film, and we definitely agree!! 

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