Thursday, October 25, 2012

SKYFALL (Mendes wont return)


After taking a four-year hiatus, James Bond returns this November in Skyfall, a film that moviegoers have been buzzing about ever since it was announced.
Sam Mendes

Director Sam Mendes recently told Metro UK that the massive work load and the emotional roller-coaster ride he experienced while making the film took a lot out of him. He expressed doubts at returning to direct another Bond film, although he is proud of what he was able to do with Skyfall.

“It’s been a fantastic experience, but it’s been completely exhausting,” said Mendes. “Do I want to do another one? I’m a shadow of my former self. [laughs] No, I don’t know. I felt like everything I wanted to with a Bond movie, I put into this film. So I would have to be convinced that I could do something that I loved and cared about as much if I was to do it again. I think the great risk of repeating oneself is that one doesn’t have the great store of ideas that you have when you first tackle a project.”

With Mendes out the running, who do you think should do the next film? I have to say given the tone of Skyfall, Christopher Nolan would be perfect to continue the legend.

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