Monday, June 25, 2012



Audiences saw what producing team The Bandito Brothers could do with Act of Valor's $12 million dollar budget. The film's $80 million dollar ride at the box-office proved audiences are willing to look past some flaws and ignore critics for something original on screen; all with no name actors occupying the credits.
Prototype Awesome!!

It's no wonder studios are clamoring since the trailer leaked for their new action thriller The Prototype. We must admit this sure does look like it’s going to be something quite amazing!!

 With $40 million - more than triple the budget of their previous effort - and what looks to be a more promising story from writer/director Andrew Will, this film could very well be the next District 9.

Will, along with his producing partner Shawn Wallace, have been working with Cantina Creative and the Bandito Bros in scouting and designing tests for the action scenes.

Let us know what you think? This certainly looks like it can really be a Chronicle type of hit!


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