Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Make sure you check out this hilarious trailer for the South African film Bustin’ Chops. Kinda SA’s very own Jackass, take a look below:

The movie starts 5 years after stuntman Eugene Koekemoer and his crew of misfit stuntmen left the world of fame with their Stunt TV shows and started to work regular 9 to 5 jobs. Everybody seems to be doing well except Eugene, so he devises a way to get his whole crew back to follow him one more time on the road to fame. It doesn’t end there, Eugene’s plan is to make a STUNT movie and show it to Steven Spielberg when he visits South Africa. (Because we all know how much Spielberg loves watching JackAss LoL)

Follow Eugene and his crew on a journey of blood, pain, and sorrow, as he attempts to pull of the biggest con in history.

“Including planning, the entire project took 2 years to complete. Eugene Koekemoer (Loveless Entertainment) and Danie Barnard (Bake Media) formed a collaboration to make the feature; they both directed and produced the entire movie.

Because the budget was so low, Eugene and Danie, all the cast and everyone’s family members jumped in to make this feature a success.”

So make sure you watch the film when it releases.

No word on the release date as yet, although the film is hoping for an early 2013 release. Will keep you guys posted!


  1. Wow respect guys! Looks awesome, I bet a South African stunt crew will be badass. I remembered the E-toll prank these guys did was crazy!Can’t wait for the movie. Lekker ouens

  2. like the movie voice hahah