Thursday, March 14, 2013

EXPENDABLES 3 (Cast Update)


Well its been a while since we heard anything about Expendables 3, which left many people doubt the possibility of a third film altogether. However, Sylvester Stallone took to Twitter recently to give an update on the status of The Expendables 3.

Oh Yeah.. Jackie Chan
He said his currently in the process of writing the third installment that we can expect "mountains of surprises." He then added that "EX3 needs NEW blood and more humor.... The films were always meant to be more on the humorous side with moments of drama.”

Jackie Chan was quoted last December as saying that Stallone had asked him to be in the third film and he "agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes."

Stallone, in his latest tweets, confirmed that he's talking to Chan, but that Steven Seagal won't be part of the film. "No S. Seagal, sorry, but maybe we get lucky with J. Chan!"

Then he again mentioned that he is looking to cast "some young bloods!!! By young I mean 22 to 27. Not big bruisers but tech wizard, super brains and a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny, tough, REAL." 

Well going by Stallone’s description, I think that that he just might be hinting that he would like to get Jennifer Lawerence or Emma Stone on board with is. And im sure EXP 3 would be better for it.

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawerence potentially Expendables.. My Picks
Who do you think the "young bloods" should be? I definitely think that Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson deserve a call up. But for someone a little younger I would probably say Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! Let me know who do you want to see in the latest Expendables.

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