Friday, March 8, 2013

TARZAN (Cast News)

Jessica Chastain

Director David Yates is currently developing the new Tarzan movie at Warner Bros.

News has been scarce of late, with the last rumor mentioning that Yates wanted Alexander Skarsgard (Battleship, "True Blood") to play the title role with Samuel L. Jackson being up for the character Williams, a Civil War veteran seeking redemption for his part in atrocities committed against Native Americans. This interesting bit of rumour has yet to be confirmed.

Now, the New York Post is reporting that Oscar-nominated The Help and Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain is up for the roll of Jane in the film. "The overworked actress and recent Oscar nominee is said to be the first choice to play Jane in a new version of “Tarzan,” reports The Post’s Richard Johnson... In this story, the jungle boy is fully assimilated to life in London when Queen Victoria asks him to investigate troubles in the Congo.”

Featuring a screenplay by Stephen Sommers and Stuart Beattie, the live-action film will adapt and update Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1912 book "Tarzan of the Apes."

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