Thursday, October 6, 2011

FAST 6 (Speculation)


Jason Statham could Fit right in with the Boys
We seen drive fast cars and in Transporter and we seen him get furious in Expendables but now we might be able to see Jason Statham get FAST SIX!!!

Twitch claims "that Universal Pictures are currently looking in to the possibility of shooting Fast 6 and Fast 7 back to back in Europe throughout 2012 and, furthermore, that they are entering into preliminary conversations with Jason Statham to explore the possibility of the action star joining one or both films."

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker could use a helping hand

Statham hasn’t yet signed on, and discussions are in very early stages, so there is a still big chance that he might not sign on.

But if he does we hope that he is part of Letty’s crew in the film, since it was applied she is in Germany and she pulled off a job, so it would only make sense if she had her own KICK-ASS crew!!! Let us know what you think sound off your comments below!!

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