Sunday, October 9, 2011

HOURS (Cast News)


Paul Walker when he was in South Africa
We have seen him now being Fast & Furious for quite some time but Paul Walker has been trying for a change of pace in his other movies. And he’s definitely switching gears for Hours, a new dramatic thriller

Eric Heisserer (The writer of A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Final Destination 5 and the upcoming Thing prequel), is behind the script and will direct the film. Hours follows a young father (Walker) who must struggle to keep his newborn daughter alive in a devastated, abandoned New Orleans hospital shortly after Hurricane Katrina hits.

Buried producer Peter Safran has rustled up the money to get the movie made, and Heisserer will start the cameras cranking in March next year, shooting in New Orleans itself.

Walker, meanwhile, has also been branching out behind the camera a little, executive producing and starring in rental car thriller Vehicle 19. He’s also expected to return to the driver’s seat for the sixth Fast film.

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