Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ANT-MAN (Update)


Edgar Wright will be Directing Ant-Man, but will it be sooner or later???
Writer-director Edgar Wright took to Twitter this weekend to tease his long-awaited adaptation of Marvel’s Ant-Man.  Wright has been attached to the project for years, but took time for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and now he’s attached to direct Johnny Depp in The Night Stalker, and he’s working on the script for The World’s End with Simon Pegg. 

However, Ant-Man still has a strong possibility of being Wright’s next picture. 

Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige recently said the project is “as close as it’s ever been”, and now Wright has posted an image on Twitter referencing the superhero.

This past weekend, Wright posted this image with the following text:

The Pic that Edgar Wright Posted, Whatever Could It Mean??

“Received this in the mail. What can it mean?”

With Marvel breaking Box Office records this past weekend, its clear they want to get Marvel fans buzzing for the future films that will be heading our way, that will seemingly culminate once again into another Avenger film.


Look out for our Article on Picking some Characters that we would like to see in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films, as well as the Actors and Actresses we think would be the best fit for these characters.

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