Saturday, May 19, 2012

THOR 2 (Chris Hemsworth Speaks)


Tom Hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor Loki Avengers set
Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, on set of Avengers
After the events in Avengers, it will be quite interesting to see where what will happen for the God of Thunder, Thor, and his mischievous brother, Loki, in the upcoming Thor sequel film. Chris Hemsworth recently spoke about the sibling dynamic and here is what he had to say on the matter.

"It’s what I loved about the comics," says Hemsworth of the sibling dynamic. "It was never clean and cut and that’s it. It was always like, Thor would forgive him, they’d be friends, and Loki would betray him again. ‘You idiot, Thor! Again?’"

"But it was different than your normal good guy, bad guy scenario," he continues. "They’re brothers, you know? Anyone with siblings understands that. ‘That’s it, I’m never talking to you again… want to play football?'"

LoL The Irony
As for whether the two will be able to get back on an even keel in the sequel, Hemsworth remains uncertain. "He’s got to apologize, doesn’t he?" says the star. "Baked goods. Muffins or something. That would be a bribe we could start with. Beyond that, I don’t know."

Thor 2 Chris Hemsworth
Awesome Thor Fan Art
Thor 2 will open in the on 15 November 2013.

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