Sunday, September 16, 2012

LINCOLN (Trailer + Update)


Director Steven Spielberg and actor Joseph-Gordon Levitt joined a Google Hangout Thursday when they premiere the trailer for their upcoming film the biopic Lincoln.

The film takes place during the final four months of Lincoln’s life, when the president was focused on ending the Civil War and passing the 13th Amendment.

Spielberg said that viewers will “have to bring a little bit of context” and know their history going into the movie. “There aren’t huge action scenes of the Civil War.” The director hopes the film sheds light on the “weight Lincoln has to bear when the entire Constitution is in jeopardy.”

Gordon-Levitt spoke highly of his costar Daniel Day-Lewis who plays the title role: “All I had to do was pay attention to him, and I was sucked right into this world,” he said. Gordon-Levitt also revealed that “he’s quite a texter, that Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis.” Via text the actor told Gordon-Levitt that he wanted him to play his son.

Lincoln begins rolling out in theaters on Nov. 9.

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