Sunday, April 15, 2012

FAST SIX (Cast News)

Jason Statham
Apparently Jason Statham is able to turn down movie offers.  The star of two Crank films and The Bank Job has apparently turned down an offer to star in the upcoming sixth entry in the Fast and Furious franchise. 

Director Justin Lin is returning to the director’s chair in the globe-spanning Fast Six, but Twitch reports that Statham was unable to work out a deal with Universal to join the testosterone-fuel cast.  Dwayne Johnson is reprising his role from the surprisingly great Fast Five, and Vin Diesel and Co. are expected to return as well.

Johnson recently revealed that Fast Six will not be shot concurrently with Fast Seven, but both films will be shot separately in the UK and Germany so we’re in for some international racing this time around. 

Production begins on Fast Six next month, must say we are a little bit disappointed that Jason Statham wont be joining the cast but we sure the film will be kick ass either way.

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