Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IRON MAN 3 (Cast News)

  • IRON MAN 3

Ben Kingsley to take on Iron Man
Ben Kingsley, who starred in last year's Hugo and who is now filming Ender's Game, is said to be in final negotiations to play the villain in Shane Black's Iron Man 3. Variety has the news, saying that Kingsley's part is that of someone tied to nanobot technology, he releases some virus through nanobites or something to that affect and is specifically not the comic book foe, the Mandarin.

Iron Man Extremis Armor

Its clearly following the short-story from the Iron Man novel, Extremis, leading us to believe that we just MIGHT get to see Tony develop a new suit that wont require him to put on!

Written by Drew Pearce and Black, Iron Man 3 will again star Robert Downey as Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. It is slated to begin production shortly in North Carolina with a release date of May 3, 2013.

Iron Man's Nano Technology Armor: He Is Iron Man

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