Friday, March 16, 2012

THE AVENGERS (More News From Whedon)


Black Widow looks Ultra Cool

Total Film recently caught up with Joss Whedon and got him to speak a little about the Avengers (It Seems that’s all Whedon has been doing recently).

Thor & Black Widow Best Poster for Avengers
The Guys at Total Film didn’t waste any time and just jumped into one of the hundred questions that’s been playing on all us fans minds… Will we see other Marvel Characters, lets say Spider-man, make an appearance in the Avengers??

“There is no Spider-Man in this movie!” Whedon said, debunking the rumour that the iconic character (due to receive his own movie reboot this summer), would be crossing paths with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest of the gang.

“I feel so bad for Jenny [Agutter],” sighed Whedon. “I think she just slipped on a name and the reporter ran with it. It’s not like she goes to Comic-Con every year…”

Whedon was also keen to point out that the movie wouldn’t be packed with unwarranted in-jokes and cheap fanboy pandering.

“This isn’t the kind of movie where we’re going to wink at the audience,” promised Whedon. “There’s a great deal of humour and there are a couple of things where people will go, ‘Oh, that guy and that guy!’ It’s not Where’s Waldo?”

The Avengers releases in South Africa on the 27th of April and in the USA on the 7th of May.

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