Saturday, March 17, 2012

THE INCREDIBLES (Talking Sequel)


Without a doubt, two-time Academy Award winner Brad Bird's most popular film is Disney-Pixar's The Incredibles. Ever since the film released fans all around the world have been wondering when will we get a sequel to the superhero family?

Wouldn't you love to see another Incredibles??? We Sure Would!!

Bird has heard all the chatter about the sequel that everyone wants and IFC got him to talk about it.

“I really love those characters and if I can figure out a whole story to do I would do it”, Bird said.

“But one of the advantages that we had in the original Incredibles was that several of the characters had never really got to flex their muscles before. They were repressed, and it was about them discovering their own abilities. Any sequel to it, that particular thing — which is really a wonderful thing to be able to explore in a movie — that’s sort of gone. And so you have to find something that is equally interesting to do in a sequel.”

Bird then went on to say, “I would not say no to [The Incredibles 2], because I really love that world and I love those characters. If I can figure out a complete thing — you know, I have a lot of ideas that I love — but the whole story, I haven’t got it yet.... if I can do that and make something that was to Incredibles what Toy Story 2 was to Toy Story, I would love to do it.”

So no Incredibles 2 for now.

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