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AVENGERS (Thor & Loki Speak + Images & Featurette)

Awesome Image of Cap!!

Banner has a Reason to Smile

Hawkeye ready to kill

Nick Fury

Tony Stark

Screenrant reports on a interview that both Thor stars, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, have been speaking about the new Avengers film.

Along with some awesome new images, and a featurette that you can check out below, here is what Chris Hemsworth had to say, about the god of Thunders attire in the film.

Thor and Maria Hill (Behind him)
Courtesy of SciFi Now Magazine:

“I think [the costume department] did a great job of toning it back a little with the outfits so there was a little bit of a common thread between them. Individually, in their own films they’re probably a little flashier.

In ‘The Avengers’, I removed my cape for some of the scenes, and that was more Thor’s casual number.

Captain America had his sleeves rolled up. Just something that broke the formality of it all, and I think it works for that reason because of those slight adjustments. Everyone was scared of that, of how it was going to look, but then among the action scenes where everything is so hot and full on, it’s like now you want the colours; now you want everyone to be in their full glory.
And then the stuff just kind of launches off the screen. It’s wicked.”

Black Widow sexy but deadly
Steve Rogers

With regards to Thor’s character arc in The Avengers, Hemsworth said:

“With ['The Avengers'] it was a little more difficult to track an individual journey so much. You still do, but you have to work harder because it’s not as obvious. You’re much more a part of the flow of the group. For me, I guess Thor, in a different way from everyone else, was much more emotionally invested in the villain, and the problem that the villain brings because it was his brother. That’s his sort of difference, and it’s a much more personal conflict. For the rest of them it was more like they had a job to do… At the end of [the first 'Thor' movie] he’s matured somewhat. He’s been humbled and he’s earned his powers now, but then what do you do? Put it into action. It’s one thing to say you’ve learned a lesson, but now it’s like, “Show us that you’re not still a cocky petulant kid!”
Loki lands on Earth

Loki or Tom Hiddleston has seen the Avengers film recently and this is what the god of mischief had to say, via Red Carpet TV News:

“['The Avengers'] is the first of its kind, because it’s a film about not just one superhero, but seven or eight, all of whom are beloved already… I’ve seen it now, I’ve only seen it once, it was very rough cut, but it’s absolutely thrilling. I mean, it grips you from the edge of your seat from the get-go and it does, it takes itself extremely seriously one moment and then doesn’t take itself seriously at all in the next moment, and so it has a huge sense of humor, but also a real heart and action. It’s more fun than should be allowed.”

Whedon and Hemsworth

Whedon pretends to be Cap!!

Love this pic of Hawkeye


Avengers release on the 27th of April in RSA, & the UK and 4th of May in the USA.

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