Friday, March 9, 2012

VENOM (In Development)


Venom will be Back!!!

Venom is coming back to the big screen.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Sony is in negotiations with Chronicle director Josh Trank to helm the Spidey villain's solo feature film.

Flash Thompson as Venom
The studio has been developing a Venom spinoff film for awhile after the character of Eddie Brock appeared in Spider-Man 3 played by Topher Grace. The Hunger Games director Gary Ross was attached to the film for awhile before moving on.

The plan is reportedly to hire a new writer to pen a new Venom screenplay and to have a different actor other than Grace play the role next time around.

There's also no word on whether or not the character would fit into the rebooted universe of The Amazing Spider-Man, but it would seem reasonable to assume that it will.

Trank was recently reported to be up for directing Fox's reboot Fantastic Four Reborn, but it would seem that this Venom film is more likely his next gig than that.

Its kind of weird that Sony would want to work on a Venom film, while the Amazing Spider-Man film didn’t even release yet. We not even sure if they will fall in the same universe or will they be separate from each other. 

We think that will fall into the same universe with them most likely coming together in one film.
Kind of what Avengers have done with all those characters.

Flash Thompson Vs Eddie Brock as Venom Which One Will They Use? 

We just excited that Venom is coming to big screen!! Hopefully this time he could be treated right!!

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