Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DARK SHADOWS (Eva Green Speaks)


Dark Shadows released a trailer earlier this week and we must say it got a lot of people excited for this film!
Eva Green is beautiful while playing a Witch in Dark Shadows

Total Film had managed to get a few words out of Eva Green, and this is what she had to say about her character: "Tim never real treated her like a 'baddie' baddie. She's kind of a damaged character. I think I could identify with her because all the bad things she does comes from the incredible love she has for Barnabas, who broke her heart.

"She's a great character: very sarcastic, very irreverent, a great, dark sense of humour. I called her a 'ballsy Barbie'."

And when we asked about working with Johnny Depp, Green said: "He's a gentleman. He's intense in a nice way - he has very intense eyes in this film. They see right through you.

"He's not afraid of taking risks, you know… He's not afraid about going over the top."

Dark Shadows opens on 11 May 2012 in the USA.

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