Monday, March 19, 2012

BATTLESHIP (Director Speaks)


Rihanna in BattleShip

Battleship will be cruising into cinemas next month, and it marks the acting debut of pop megastar Rihanna.

Total Film recently caught up with director Peter Berg to discussed how Rihanna came to be in this picture.

On the appeal of casting Rihanna in Battleship, Berg said: “I saw one of her videos and she was really cocky and sassy, very scrappy. There was a certain inherent toughness to her.”

 He then continued, “Everyone thought I was crazy but I put a call out and asked her to come in. She was funny and tough, a natural performer.”

Berg also suggested that he’d be keen to convert other musical stars into actors:

“I’ve found that a lot of singers inherently love to perform; I guarantee you that Bono would be a great actor if we found the right role.”

Battleship opens on 11 April 2012.

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