Saturday, March 10, 2012

I GIVE IT A YEAR (Cast News)


Anna Faris & Rose Byrne
Two very funny actresses have been added to the cast of the romantic comedy I Give It a Year.

Variety reports that Bridesmaids star Rose Bryne and Anna Faris will star alongside Simon Baker and Rafe Spall in the pic, written and directed by Dan Mazer.

The story centers on a mismatched couple as they struggle to survive their first year of marriage. Spall and Bryne will play that central couple, while Faris and Baker are set as “strong supporting characters.”

Mazer previously worked as a writer-director on Da Ali G Show and is a credited writer on both Borat and Bruno, so it will be pretty safe to assume that I Give It a Year will probably be a bit more R-rated than most romantic comedies.

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