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Mark Wahlberg in Contraband
Every now and then good foreign film gets released, but then an English adaption will soon follow. The same will be said of Morten Tyldum's 2011 thriller Headhunters, based on the novel by Jo Nesbo, which Summit Entertainment as got the rights to.

The film follows a corporate headhunter named Roger Brown, who finds himself the target of someone who wants his job just a little bit more, and it's been received very well on the film festival circuit, even playing last week as part of Lincoln Center's Film Comment Selects.

While doing press in England for his remake of the Icelandic crime-thriller Contraband, Wahlberg told ShortList Magazine that he's interested in getting involved with the planned remake of Headhunters

As he told the magazine:

"I saw a film recently called Headhunters. It's a Norwegian film and it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I met with the director and pleaded with the studio that has the rights so we'll see if we get anywhere with that."

Sacha Gervasi (The Terminal) is readapting the novel for the English language film but Wahlberg's statement seems to imply that Summit already has a director in mind, even though that hasn't been announced as of yet.

Hopefully they will add Mark Wahlberg to this film.

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