Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BLACK WIDOW FILM (In Development)

Scarlett Johansson might get her own Black Widow Solo Film
With Avengers releasing this week in the USA, and with its recent success with critics and fans the world over, Kevin Feige has been speaking a lot this past week about the future of Marvel, and the next line of films that will be made.

With Hulk and Black Widow really been the two characters, that have really been portrayed wonderfully in the film, Fiege addressed the potential of the studio exploring more of Black Widow’s story and whether or not the character could earn her own solo film among Marvel’s packed slate.

“Well, I think you saw it in Avengers. I think that’s one of the many amazing things Joss Whedon can do. I think people are going to be surprised by how powerful Scarlett is in this movie, and how evolved her role is.

We have already planned her next appearances and where to take that character because we believe in it and we believe in her in a big, big way. When will there be a standalone? Both is what we’re heading toward. A lot of it is that we’re only going to make two movies a year, maybe sometimes it’ll be one movie a year like this year, maybe someday it’ll be three movies a year just depending on what comes together. But really, it’s two movies. So there’s kind of a backup on the runway right now in terms of when can something go?

We do like when some of the characters appear in other people’s movies...that’s probably where you’ll see Black Widow next. But my favorite scene in Avengers is when Loki and Widow are having their scene together and Loki’s in a cell, and he’s trying to rile her up by mentioning things like “the hospital fire.” Who knows what those things are? We haven’t seen any of those things in other movies! What were those things, what do they mean? I love that. I’d love to explore that deeper.”

We certainly loved Black Widow in Avengers, and we hope that Scarlett does get a opportunity to headline a solo film, but if she doesn’t, appearing in Captain America 2 or a S.H.I.EL.D. Film will certainly get us excited.

P.S. she wont be in Iron Man 3.

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