Wednesday, July 18, 2012



A couple days ago at Comic-Con, Marvel revealed that Joe and Anthony Russo‘s sequel to Captain America would be entitled Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The Winter Soldier

Chris Evans is poised to return as the titular character, Steve Rogers’s aka Captain America, and Sebastian Stan will be returning as Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.  Yep that’s right, Captain America’s best friend, Bucky, is alive, only this time, his a brainwashed assassin known as the Winter Soldier.
Falcon flies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

But, that’s not the only awesome news we brining you, THR is reporting that Anthony Mackie may join the cast to play Falcon, “one of mainstream comics’ first black superheroes and perhaps its first American one.”
Anthony Mackie as Falcon
Cap and Falcon

Here are some more details about Falcon:

“The character, Sam Wilson, was Harlem-based and had many street adventures with Cap in the 1970s comics when he served as his partner. He derives his powers from a suit, which allows him to fly, and enhances his strength. He can also telepathically talk to birds. In current comics, Falcon is a key player in many of Cap’s espionage adventures.”

Details on Captain America: The Winter Soldier is mostly under wraps.  We know that the sequel will flip between World War II and the present day.

Mackie is definitely a solid choice for the character, and we extremely excited to see what Mackie brings to the table.

Well it definitely looks like the Captain America sequel will be a full of super heroes as The Playlist reports that both Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) would be a crucial part of the film, where more of their backstory and relationship would be explored.

Black Widow and The Winter Soldier
Personally, having Black Widow is a must! The Winter Soldier and Natasha have quite a history together, and they have been romantically involved for quite sometime in the comics. 

They both have ties with the Russian soviets, and that could be something interesting that they work into the story. It will also be useful to move narrative forward, as it will be a shock for Cap to see Bucky still alive but Natasha will know exactly just how dangerous The Winter Soldier really is.

Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow Hawkeye, probably Nick Fury and Maria Hill, and then the awesome Winter Soldier??? I don’t know about you but I bet that this Captain America sequel will definitely be one that I’m not gonna miss!

The Winter Soldier is due out April 4, 2014.


  1. I’m skeptical that Scarlett Johansson will agree to be in Captain America since her interview following The Avengers she said she would rather not reprise the role because it was too hard on her body. I hope they can find a way to convince her, like a stunt double. She was fantastic in The Avengers; I love going to see the big movies in the theatre, but I also love watching them on my home theater, and my Dish co-worker comes over to watch with me. Since I have Epix 1 in HD, I get the best quality my theater can produce, 1080p, and that makes all the difference with my 90-inch projector.

    1. She still has a contract with Marvel, and she loves the character, and the action.. she wouldn't pass up the opportunity to reprise the role.. She did all hot her own stunts in Iron Man 2 and the Avengers, I doubt she will be willing to let a stunt double take over now...

      Besides filming for Cap, doesn't take place until early next year, so she will get a real break, besides, i doubt she will have so many action scenes like she did in Avengers.. In Cap's film she will just be a supporting player, not like in Avengers where there was essentially 6 leading characters...