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Director Gary Ross (who is responsible for really bringing the book to life and deserves a lot of credit for his bold decisions to expand on certain events that wasn’t present in the book and cut out certain acts from the film, that were in the books to tremendous success) declined to return for the next film, Catching Fire, because Lionsgate was chasing a November 2013 release date and needed to start production quickly. 

Ross felt that this wasn’t enough time for him to prep the film properly, and Francis Lawrence was then hired on to take the helm for Catching Fire.  Though the pic hasn’t even started filming yet, Lionsgate is already on the hunt for a director for the next installment after Catching Fire, Mockingjay: Part 1.

Just last week, the studio set 2014/2015 release dates for its two-film adaptation of Mockingjay.  Now Anne Thompson reports (via /Film) “Summit’s Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, producers Nina Jacobson and author Suzanne Collins are currently vetting the right directors for the last two Mockingjay films.” 

It’s not an entirely surprising move, as Lawrence likely won’t be finished with post-production on Catching Fire until late next summer, which is when production on Mockingjay Part 1 needs to begin in order to hit that November 2014 release date.  Still, it’s discouraging to see that studios find talent expendable in lieu of making an “as soon as humanly possible” release date that capitalizes on the franchise’s popularity.

I wont be surprised if there will be 2 different directors are hired for the 2 Part Mockingjay films, in order for those films to make there release dates, but nothing has been said about that as yet.

Stay Tuned for more news on this.

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