Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ANT-MAN (Release Date)

Writer/Director Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has been in development for quite the number of years but hasn’t moved into production just as yet. With Wright recently signing to a film call Collider; we started wondering if this new Ant-man will be pushed back once again.

The project however, finally seems to be moving forward as its now expected that Ant-man will be released in 2014.

A script for Ant-Man, by Wright and Attack the Block helmer Joe Cornish, has been in place for a number of months, and now it seems set  that the comic book adaptation film will start filming sometime next year.

Collider recently sat down for an interview at Comic-Con with Marvel Studios Co-President and Item 47 director Louis D’Esposito, and the exec mused that Ant-Man “might be an opportunity” where they do three films in one year, adding that it could be possible to get the film finished in time for release alongside Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014.

Latino Review seem to have corroborated D’Esposito’s statement, as they’ve learned that the plan right now is for Ant-Man to take over Marvel’s London production branch once Thor: The Dark World wraps.  Thor sequel doesn’t start filming until August, but this means that Wright could feasibly start working on Ant-Man early next year.

Wright is currently gearing up to start production on his next film—a long-awaited reunion with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost called The World’s End—this September.  

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