Sunday, July 29, 2012

GODZILLA (Devlin Speaks)


One of the biggest surprises at Comic-Con earlier this month was Legendary Pictures’ debut of its reboot of the Godzilla franchise, complete with a jaw-dropping concept reel and the introduction of the film’s director, Gareth Edwards.

The British filmmaker, whose only previous feature directing credit is the indie thriller Monsters, made very clear that his film would not be rehashing 1998 big-budget remake of Godzilla.

That movie, from writer-producer Dean Devlin and writer-director Roland Emmerich, was widely ridiculed for being too silly and cheesy. “We’re going to take it seriously,” Edwards told the Comic-Con crowd of his version of the Japanese monster movie staple. “It’s very grounded [and] realistic.”

When EW caught up with Devlin at the Saturn Awards recently, he was asked about his thoughts on the remake:
”I know I screwed up my Godzilla,” he said. “I’d be very happy if they pull it off and do a great one.”

Devlin then went on to say, “I always wish I had another shot at it. But, listen, Godzilla is something that I grew up loving. We worked hard to go make one. We kind of blew it. I think everyone gets one.” He laughed. “I wish them nothing but the best. I would love it if the whole Godzilla franchise was revitalized for a new generation.”

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