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Just few days ago  we found out that actor/filmmaker/Shakespearean Kenneth Branagh was not only directing Paramount's new still-untitled Jack Ryan movie, but would also be starring as the "villain" - a financial "wiz" who helps the Russian government destroy the U.S. economy.

Kenneth Branagh the man behind Thor
Branagh recently revealed in an interview with Collider that the film would actually be a "very fast-paced, very contemporary, very action-driven thriller."

Chris Pine is set to star as Jack Ryan, and apparently they're preparing to start shooting in September for months.

Branagh, who last directed Marvel's Thor and appeared in My Week with Marilyn, spoke with Collider at Comic-Con mainly about his TV series "Wallander", but also went on to reveal a lot in a lengthy discussion on Jack Ryan, apparently perfectly in time following the reveal that he'll be the villain.

"Variety is very, very good," he stated regarding the scoop, confirming "now I'm going to direct and be in it, yeah."

He then went on to discuss, his involvement in the film as director and actor and said: "Going from medium to medium, if you get the chance to do it, from theater to television to film, which are all distinctly different, keeps me sharp. What works in one doesn't work in the other, and you have to be looking for the truth of the performance, whatever way that medium might demand.

Kenneth Branagh in My Week with Marylyn
Jack Ryan is a very fast-paced, very contemporary, very action-driven thriller. I don't tend to think of him as a villain, but if you're playing a villain, you don't think of him as a villain. You just think, 'My guy.' The character is a great anti-thesis, but it isn't as simple as that. It's great to see a character in this film with Jack Ryan. It's just a very strong, very interesting, complicated, complex character.

When the project first came my way, it was really to do that. I had a long time to think about that prospect, before actually eventually having them ask me to direct it. And then, we put aside the issue of me being in it for awhile 'cause there were so many other things to deal with. Literally, months later, Paramount said, 'Well, do you think you might?,' and I said, 'Yeah, I think I'd like to.'"

Branagh was asked about them potentially shooting on IMAX, but he seemed to indicate that might not be the case this time. "I'm still having conversations with our director of photography, but this particular film is unlikely to be in either of those formats. Although, as a filmmaker, I would like to do an IMAX 3D Shakespeare film."

Branagh then went on to speak about the development process:

"It's evolving still, but it's been a really great process with [screenwriter] David Koepp. All the key players are involved. Chris Pine has made tremendous contributions, as has [producer] Lorenzo di Bonaventura. He was with the franchise before. My job is guiding all that. I feel very, very happy with the way it's going. I feel my job is basically to bring all those influences together in a piece that is about something very, very particular, thematically, and people seem happy with that.

Chris Pine
I think that a lot of exciting elements are finding a place where the film is happily, truly about something. When you get that under something that is also a page-turner and has a high adrenalin factor, I think that's a nice combination. I have high hopes for the picture."

Branagh did also confirm: "We start shooting in the beginning of September, and we'll be shooting through until Christmas.”

This has been delayed in development for quite a while, but it looks like Paramount wants to get it ready for either late 2013 or early 2014 sometime.

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