Monday, April 2, 2012

ANT-MAN (In Development)


Could we finally see a Ant Man Film??

Could the Ant-Man movie finally be moving ahead? Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige sure seems confident about it.

Awesome Ant-Man Fan Art
Bleeding Cool chatted with Feige about the project, which has been scripted by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish with Wright also slated to direct.

"It's somewhere. I'll just say it's closer than it's ever been in its long maybe eight year history, and I usually e-mail Edgar every two or three days and over those eight years its got further away and closer," said Feige. 
"We are now closer than we've ever been. So I hope it will come together shortly."

That will be so cool, if it finally does come into production as this will see Ant-Man join the Avengers in a possible sequel film, along with his love interest Wasp, who is ultra cool!!


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