Monday, April 2, 2012



With more and more classic horror films being remade for todays gore hungry teens, it would be disappointing if we don’t get a another Chucky film. Well it seems that we will, as the series seems likely to get a reboot, Total film reports.
Chucky will return

Moviehole caught the man responsible for Chucky's vocals, Brad Dourif, at the recent Mad Monster Party convention, where the star confirmed that not only is a remake in the works, but also a sequel!

This new film in the long-running franchise will be titled Revenge Of Chucky, and will again focus on the killer doll's immediate family, in a similar vein to Bride Of Chucky and Seed Of Chucky.

As for the remake, Dourif indicated that original writer Don Mancini is still working on script, with the theme thought to be a lot lighter and comedic than the original.

Production of the films, have yet to be confirmed, but with next year marking the 25th anniversary of the killer doll, we might be getting the latest film sooner than expected.

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