Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EXPENDABLES 3 (Casting Already?? OH YES)

  • EXPENDABLES 3 Awesomeness!!!

With The Expendables 2 about to hit cinemas worldwide this week, producer Avi Lerner has been discussing a some cast members that they are interested in getting for part 3 of this 80’s throwback awesomely action packed testosterone fuelled film.

The Expendables 2

Speaking to Total Film, Lerner said, “We’ve approached Clint Eastwood to be one of the guys. We’ve got a character in mind for him. We’re talking to Harrison Ford. Wesley Snipes when he comes back from prison. I’ll give you one more name – we’ve got Nicolas Cage.”

If that wasn’t enough to get your mind exploded, Lerner then went on to confirm that they trying to bring a certain “Wrestler” back who didn’t make it for the sequel.

“We’re going to bring Mickey Rourke back, if he won’t be too crazy. I like Mickey. And of course, all the existing stars [will return].”

Clint Eastwood, Nicolas Cage, Sly Stallone, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes,
Expendables 3 Awesomeness!!
All the stars from the first two films will be returning he confirmed and a certain JCVD is likely to be returning as well!!

Whatever the case this is certainly awesome news, let us know who you would like to see join the expendables!

EXPENDABLES 2 Releases this week so go out and watch it!!

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