Sunday, August 12, 2012

JUSTICE LEAGUE (Affleck Wanted)


Ben Affleck might be the director of the Justice League
Warner Bros. appears to have their eye on Ben Affleck to direct the big screen Justice League feature film.
Justice League

Variety reports that the studio has sent the Argo director Will Beall's recently announced screenplay to gauge his interest in helming.
Affleck might even star

The Trade notes that the movie version of the team would include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Depending on how quickly production moves forward, Justice League could hit theaters as soon as 2015.

Affleck, who has taken roles in his own directing projects, could very well end up part of the onscreen superhero ensemble as well. He previously played a Marvel superhero in Mark Steven Johnson's 2003 Daredevil.

However, Deadline reports that Affleck’s reps state that they have turned down the project, but that he would be meeting with studio reps

Affleck certainly has my vote of confidence if he does sign on, as he has become a major director with Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and the upcoming Argo.
JLA fan art

Even if Affleck doesn’t sign on, fans can be a little more optimistic about the Justice League film, as it goes to show that Warner Bros. is actually trying to get the right people involved in this film.

With Affleck we know that we will be getting a very character driven story, and he has proved that he his quite capable of delivering a thrilling, suspenseful, drama filled, actioner that quite frankly is terrific.

We thinking that maybe Affleck doesn’t want to get back into comics, after his DareDevil experience, or maybe he doesn’t have a clear vision just as yet for the film. Whatever the case maybe we hoping that Affleck goes for it, and if he doesn’t, atleast we will know that Warner is actually concerned about making this film work.

Justice League will releases in 2015 (probably). Do you know what else will be releasing in 2015? Avengers 2!!!

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