Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ROBOCOP (Directors Problems)


With this new Robocop remake yet to begin filming, what we hearing about the film doesn’t seem like it will be that great after all.

Recently, HitFix’s Drew McWheeny got his hands on a copy of the script andhe wasn’t to polite about it, and last week we learned that talks with Hugh Laurie to play the film’s villain broke down. 

Jose Padilha
The most recent report that we getting, via Collider, is that Director Jose Padilha is having a tough time on getting his ideas across, as the studios are turning down the majority of his ideas.

The quotes actually come not from Padilha, but from his good friend Fernando Meirelles (City of God).  Here’s what he had to say to Cinemacom Rapadura (via ScreenCrush):

“I talked to José Padilha for a week by phone. He will begin filming Robocop. He is saying that it is the worst experience. For every 10 ideas he has, 9 are cut. Whatever he wants, he has to fight… ‘This is hell here,’ he told me. ‘The film will be good, but I never suffered so much and do not want to do it again.’ He is bitter, but it’s a fighter.”

This is Padilha’s first major feature film (he previously directed Elite Squad), so obviously the studio wants to keep a close eye on him. But, when a studio gets involved in this sort of capacity, the film we get as a result is never good, and the director will get the abuse for the films failure, even though it really wasn’t his fault. Lets just hope this turns out good!

.Joel Kinnaman is set as the lead, with Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel, Jennifer Ehle and Michael K. Williams rounding out the supporting cast..

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