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NOAH (Images)

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Darren Aronofsky's NOAH
Black Swan director Darren Aronfsky is currently shooting his biblical epic Noah, and we've got a collection of photos from the set of the film. The photos give us our first look at Logan Lerman and Madison Davenport in full costume.

 Lerman plays one of Noah’s sons, Ham, and Davenport plays Ham’s wife.

Russell Crowe plays Noah in the film who is a prophet that receives a revelation from God to build an ark to survive a flood that will wipe out the corrupted planet, because it can't go on in its current wicked state.

The cast also includes Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone.

Here's a description of the film from a script review posted on HitFix:

There is sincerity from the very first page that will make it hard for people to argue with Aronofsky's intent here.  He's written this as a serious look at our place on this planet and our rights as citizens of the world.  I think it would be hard to pin this version of the story down to any one faith, and in shaking off the dusty respectability of the accepted version of the story, Aronofsky and Handler may have actually found a way to give it a stronger thematic resonance than I would have imagined.

There will also be 11-foot-tall fallen angels with six arms and no wings, and they will have a major presence in the script. These angels are called Watchers, and they sound absolutely fascinating. I can't wait to see these angles brought to life on the big screen. I'm sure this movie is going to turn out to be quite an awesome experience.

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The movie is set to be released on March 28th, 2014.

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