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Only God Forgives, the new film from Nicolas Winding Refn, has released a first official image of star Ryan Gosling looking rather cross indeed.

Drive might have been cruelly passed over by the Academy, but that hasn’t stopped Gosling and Refn reuniting for another hard-bitten crime flick, this time set against the backdrop of Thai boxing.

Gosling will play Julian, a fugitive who runs a Bangkok boxing club that functions as a front for a drug smuggling ring. Searching for a crack at redemption, Julian finds himself training for a match against a retired cop, known as “The Angel of Vengeance,” who just happened to kill his brother.

Only God Forgives is currently in production in Bangkok, Thailand. This will be the fifth Refn film Quinn and Janego have distributed.
Ryan Gosling in Only God Forgives

Said Quinn and Janego, "In 'Drive,' we witnessed the birth of a genuine and utterly exhilarating cinematic partnership: Refn and Gosling. Their success stems from Refn's unparalleled ability to create audacious anti-heroes and the ease with which Gosling inhabits these characters and imbues them with an untouchable, steely cool. Combine that with an extraordinary villainess, the matriarch played by Kristin Scott Thomas, and 'Only God Forgives' is sure to become a mesmerizing and provocative revenge classic. We couldn't be more proud and elated to have this film on the Radius slate."

Remarked Refn, "I am looking forward to continuing to work with Tom Quinn which we've done on 5 previous films. The combination with Harvey Weinstein and his team makes the future look even more promising and exciting for me."

Kristin Scott Thomas is currently attached to play Julian’s mother, the head of a powerful crime syndicate who urges Julian to avenge his fallen brother, Tom Burke will also co-star as Cheri.

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