Friday, November 4, 2011



Olivia Wilde on everybody's WishList 
After lingering for ages in development, Steve Carell comedy Burt Wonderstone is now gathering its cast at lightning speed. Olivia Wilde and Steve Buscemi seem to be the latest stars that could be set join the film, in what could easily become a star studded cast.

Wonderstone, which Don Scardino is directing, finds Carell as a Las Vegas magician whose life hits some serious issues. Not only is his status as the city’s top magic act being threatened by a new, hip illusionist with a knack for danger (Jim Carrey), but he’s also forced to go it alone when his partner quits.

Both are simply in talks right now, but if they sign, Buscemi will play the partner who leaves, while Wilde will be his assistant-turned-girlfriend, who also ditches the act to go and work with Carrey. Oh, and James Galdofini is already aboard as a casino owner.

Wilde is seriously in demand at the moment. She’s got the likes of Butter and Welcome To People waiting to be released and will play Suzy Miller in Ron Howard’s James Hunt drama Rush.

Scardino is set to start directing the movie in January.

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