Saturday, November 19, 2011

THOR 2 (Branagh speaks)

  • THOR 2

Fans were a little puzzled as to why Kenneth Branagh decided not to return for the sequel of Thor, a movie that he basically saved from being a disaster, and making it one of Marvel’s finest films. Reports claimed that his departure was amicable, and Branagh has now confirmed this in a recent interview with Moviefone.

Thor in Avengers

It was then confirmed that Patty Jenkins would replace Branagh on Thor 2. Going with the director of 2003's Monster seemed like an odd choice, but of course Branagh was also considered a surprise pick when he was selected to helm the original Thor. And as far as Branagh is concerned, Jenkins will make for an excellent fit.

"I, along with a lot of other people, are very excited about the appointment of Patty Jenkins," Branagh continued. "I think that's a great choice to direct the movie. I know that Kevin Feige and all the people I worked very closely with, who were absolutely parts of the creation of that movie, are keen to produce a great second picture. So it was the right decision for me and for them and I am really looking forward to see how the second one develops."

Thor 2 is scheduled to hit theaters in summer of 2013.

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