Thursday, August 9, 2012

DAREDEVIL (Rights to Marvel?)


Daredevil’s rights on the verge of transferring back to Marvel, from Fox. With Fox having a tough time of getting a new film into production, its probably safe to say that the rights will head back to Marvel.

Daredevil to go back to Marvel??

 However, Fox and Marvel are currently in negotiations to find an appropriate outcome for both these studios, as Fox tries and find a director for the Marvel character in order to push forward with the film.

Recently Variety, reported that Marvel and Fox were looking at a swap deal, whereby they would give Fox more time to develop the Daredevil film, while Galactus and Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four characters), rights would be given to Marvel. Which would probably be the best thing for Marvel to do, given the fact that they are going cosmic with the new Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy film. Having a villain as iconic as Galactus as well as a awesome hero like Silver Surfer, would really have fans minds just exploding from the sheer magnitude of the awesomeness that these characters could bring to a potential Avengers 3 film.

However, according to Deadline (a very trust worth source), these reports have been denied by sources at Fox. The site says the studio is much more passionate about keeping the Fantastic Four alive at their studio than Daredevil, so they will be keeping all the characters that come with that package. They also add that Fox is considering just waiting out the rights clock on Daredevil and letting it go back to Marvel and Disney.

Galactus and Silver Surfer

Recently, director David Slade stepped off Daredevil and reports have come in that The Grey director Joe Carnahan has gone to the studio with a take on the character.

Now most fans would say that Marvel should just have the rights of all their characters back, which possibly would be the best scenario for Marvel. However, right now, having some characters belong to other studio’s has worked quite well for Marvel.
Marvel Studio’s get to focus on expanding there Marvel Universe, and essentially develop films that will just rise anticipation for future Avenger films.

Silver Surfer belongs to Marvel

Where those studios make their money at the box office from those Marvel characters, Marvel gets all the money from the merchandising that accompanies those films.

Now if you look at the direction that Marvel is going, its safe to say that Daredevil, might not make it on to the big screen in the near future if Marvel gets the rights back to the character. It would be a better move for Marvel to let Fox keep the character for now at least.

We hoping that Fox will give Marvel Silver Surfer and Galactus, even though we know that’s a long-shot, those two characters will be much more beneficial to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than DareDevil would be right now.

Let us know what you think and comment below! Should Marvel get the rights back or should they let Fox keep it??

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